Our Mission

We want to give voice to writers of weird books, books that don’t belong, books too clever for their own good, books that don’t fit on an industry-prescribed shelf. Formulaic genre fiction naturally finds its way to consumers who vote with their wallet. Sophisticated literary fiction reaches its reader through establishment literary magazines and award committees that often follow ideological fashions of the time.

We are here for the stories overlooked both by the omnivorous salesforce and the finicky elite: complex, imaginative, unpredictable stories told in a complex, imaginative, unpredictable way. Simply put, we are here for smart speculative fiction.

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Flavors of

  1. Fantasy & Science Fiction
  2. Slipstream & Weird
  3. Horror, Paranormal & Supernatural
  4. Alternate History
  5. Reimagined Folklore & Myth
  6. Magical Realism

Ananke (Greek: Ἀνάγκη) is a primordial deity in Greek mythology, the personification of necessity and fate. Ananke and her consort Chronos (representation of Time) created the universe by intertwining as a serpent around the primal egg of matter; their joint force split the primal egg into the elements of earth, heaven, and sea. Ananke rules over fate, and her attribute is a spindle of eternal yarn that she bequeaths to her daughters, the Fates. As the mother of the Fates, she is the only deity fully in control of destiny.


A conversation with E.V. Svetova, the author of The Green Hills trilogy

Print In The Snow is a fairytale that enchants children and adults alike. What is its intended audience in your own mind?
Being a devoted J.R.R. Tolkien fan, I instinctively look to his books for inspiration and guidance. The Hobbit was intended as a children’s story, but the world and the characters developed and took on the life of their own. What grew out of the fairy tale was The Lord Of The Rings trilogy, and it’s definitely more than a bedtime story for little kids. When I started writing Print In The Snow, it was a humorous, light-hearted, almost parody-like story drawing on many of my childhood interests. As I grew, the story grew as well, and more serious elements emerged. I hope that as it stands now, Print In The Snow has something for both young and grown-up readers, just like The Hobbit had for me as a kid as still has today.

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The Necessities of Publishing

We are a team of experienced design and marketing professionals. We are here to make things happen where they wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

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A great book cover will instantly convey the essence of what your book is about. A strong book interior makes it readable.

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Web and social media presence is a necessity. An attractive book page adds to the writer’s platform.


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