Who We Love

Our favorite artists are the ones who defy definition. If you aspire to sophistication of Gene Wolfe and sensuality of Samuel Delany, if the fearless imagination of Octavia Butler and uncompromising integrity of Ursula Le Guin inspire you, if the compassionate realism of Jim Sheppard and heartbreaking lyricism of Michel Faber touch your heart, and, finally, if your favorite music is by David Bowie—we want to read your book.

What We Are

Creation is dictated by necessity. We were moved to start Ananke Press by the need to give voice to the kind of literature often overlooked by commercial publishers, the books that don’t fit neatly on a pre-assigned shelf: a psychological drama with a touch of the metaphysical; a love story that subverts all the genre tropes; a literary mystery masquerading as a crime caper; a historic account of a world that never was. We are drawn to what is broadly defined as speculative fiction: fantasy, science fiction, slipstream and weird, including magical realism. A speculative element is a must. We are always interested in unlikely protagonists, undiscovered territories and unfamiliar voices—as long as the story is masterfully told. We’re publishing novels (70-100K words), either standalone or as part of a series, and are also open to collections of short stories. We are not looking for poetry, non-fiction or graphic novels at this time—perhaps soon! While Ananke Press publishes books for adults, we will consider young adult projects of especial artistic value. Please visit our Submissions page for details and updates.

IBPA Proud MemberWe are based in New York City and publish literature in English; since we currently do not offer an advance, we do offer above-standard royalties. Ananke Press is committed to the publication of works by writers of all genders, ethnicities, color, orientation, nationalities and religious beliefs. We make publishing decisions based on the quality of the work.