We welcome odd and unexpected stories, masterfully crafted with the love of language in mind. We read each letter with utmost attention and will do our best to respond personally and quickly. Queries and submissions can be addressed to info (at) anankepress (dot) com

PLEASE NOTE: Submission for 2019 are closed, but in the new year we will be looking for new, distinct voices. Watch this space for announcements.

For submissions please send us:

A query letter, a one-page synopsis of your story, and the first five chapters of your novel or the first fifty pages, whichever is more.

Please remove all running headers, footers, illustrations, images, and special formatting from your submission. We are best able to assess work that is formatted simply, according to the guidelines below.

Manuscript Preparation:

Like every publishing house, magazine, and agent, we too have requirements for how to format and present a manuscript. Professional courtesy means becoming familiar with and following them. Here is a list of what we at Ananke Press expect:

  • Please have your manuscript edited by an independent professional editor before you consider submitting. No matter how great your command of language is, you will need a fresh pair of eyes on your manuscript; might as well make it a pair of well trained eyes.
  • Put your manuscript in a Microsoft Word file (.docx).
  • Before sending in your manuscript, run the final Spelling and Grammar check.
  • Please use a standard twelve-point serif font, like Times or Palatino, black.
  • Set margins to 1 inch on all sides.
  • Double-space your manuscript.
  • Insert page numbers (bottom right, please).
  • Remove all special formatting (words in italic or bold style are fine). Turn off any automatic formatting, get rid of any internal or external hyperlinks, remove running headers.

We really appreciate authors who take the time to make sure their manuscripts are ready for prime time. A well-prepared manuscript allows us to review a submission efficiently and indicates its author is genuinely interested in working with us. 

Ananke Press reserves the right to accept or deny any submission based upon any subjective or objective consideration. Rights to all works remain those of the author until a contract is accepted. If selected, a contract will be offered before any work is published. Terms of advances, royalties, and other considerations will be negotiated on an individual and confidential basis. All cover art, title designs, marketing material, etc. are copyright Ananke Press.