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New Acquisition: Print In The Snow

In our unwavering support for the unique voices, Ananke Press is proud to announce a new partnership with an author who has already made a name for herself in the world of fantastic creatures.

The Author

E.V. Svetova

E.V. Svetova, the author of The Green Hills trilogy

E. V. Svetova lives with her human mate, her canine child, and her resin dolls in New York City, next to the last natural forest on the island of Manhattan. She came up with the story about wyssuns as a kid. Over the years this tale has mutated into a monster in its own right, PRINT IN THE SNOW, which won the Gold medal in the Juvenile Fiction E-Book category of Independent Publishers Book Awards in 2012.

In the summer of 2019, Ananke Press acquired the rights to this whimsical fairytale, illustrated by a Russian cult artist Marina Botyleva, with the goal of publishing its new edition as a part of the Green Hills trilogy. With a complete cover redesign to match the other books of the trilogy, we hope to introduce it to a whole new circle of readers.

The Story

Fourteen-year-old Anna has just moved to New York with her mother and stepfather, and she hates everything about her new life.

E.V. Svetova’s narrative reveals stylistic and philosophical story elements reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland and The Little Prince. PRINT IN THE SNOW is a chimerical, inspiring and enlightening story for tween to young adult lovers of fairy tales. - IndieReader Review    

After another argument with her mother, she defiantly sneaks out to ski in Riverside Park. Much to her surprise she meets another cross-country skier: a cute, if odd, boy about her own age. Against her better judgment, she follows him into a snow-covered magical Otherworld inhabited by the monstrous Wyssun and the Skiers who hunt them. Mistaken for a boy, Anna is accepted by the peculiar Skiers as one of their own, and becomes trapped in the Wyssuns’ World. Run by elves, and not the Keebler kind, it’s a confusing and dangerous place.

Anna must get back home before the fairy tale turns into a nightmare. She has to unlock secret doors, make new friends, negotiate glaciers and battle tunnel-dwelling beasts, all the while trying to win the affection of the oblivious boy she likes and fend off the advances of a mysterious sorcerer she hates. As Anna struggles against the monstrous world, she fights the inner monsters as well. Before she discovers the truth about love, she has to learn the value of loss, only then can she find the way home.