Jesus The Time Traveller

What would happen if Jesus were a time traveller, or a mad man, or both, and he chose to go and save the world because, even though he wasn’t a god, and even though he was deluded, he felt that it was fundamentally the right thing to do?

Jesus The Time Traveller by Roberta-Leigh Boud

The Witches Of Riegersburg

For the fans of The DaVinci Code—with three generations of extraordinary women keeping alive the ancient Goddess faith.

The Witches Of Riegersburg by Julie Anne Stratton

Print In The Snow

For the fans of Neil Gaiman and Roald Dahl’s storytelling: a down-to-earth teen girl must get back home from the Otherworld before the fairytale dream turns into a nightmare.

Join the unlikely heroine on an adventure of a lifetime! Lush watercolor illustrations of cool characters, weird monsters, and spooky villains.

Book I of The Green Hills trilogy

Print In The Snow

Over The Hills Of Green

A spellbinding tale of love, loss and self-discovery set against the magical New York City.

Otherworldly and mundane collide when a young New York psychologist takes on a charismatic patient who may be delusional or may literally come from the Otherworld of her suppressed childhood nightmares.

Book II of The Green Hills trilogy

Over The Hills Of Green

COMING SOON: The Book Of Fairfax

A Dark Ages Britain historic fantasy where the grim authenticity of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle meets the intimate lyricism of This Side of Paradise.


Book III of The Green Hills trilogy

The Book Of Fairfax

COMING SOON: The Terrian Trilogy

Three Chicago teenagers fight to save the world in this original and epic sci fi adventure.

First book of the series coming out in the spring of 2021.

The Terrian Trilogy by Jenny Benjamin