The Voice of the Goddess

These days, audiobooks are having a moment, with the global market growth predicted to increase by 25 per cent in 2020 to US$3.5 billion.
The Witches of Riegersburg audiobookWe are thrilled to announce that our recent release, a historical novel The Witches of Riegersburg by Julie Anne Stratton, is now available as an audiobook. Beautifully narrated by a talented voice actor, Laurie Dietrich, it is certain to deliver hours of entertainment as well as thought-provoking ideas.

If you have enjoyed The DaVinci Code, you will find yourself lost in this engaging and historically accurate generational story of extraordinary women who have kept the ancient Goddess faith through the centuries.

In 1665, Baroness Elisabeth von Galler is faced with the frenzy of the witch trials raging through Europe. Her son-in-law acquires dispensation from the Kaiser to hold trials in Riegerburg. As the “Faith-Keeper” of an ancient Goddess-worshipping community, can she save her loved ones from certain death and her faith from disappearing?

In 1938, Hitler takes over Austria, and Katarina Lilienthal fears for the lives of her Jewish husband and daughter. Armed with the secret Book of Shadows, her legacy passed down from Baroness von Galler, and her intuition will she be able to save her family before the horror begins?

“Whenever you are of need, come to Me when the moon is full and I, Hecate, Queen of all witches, will guide you, my daughter, to your heart’s desire.”

Seventy years later, Sarah Lilienthal inherits her beloved Oma’s secret book. Katarina’s deathbed wish is for Sarah to travel to Austria—the place Sarah’s grandparents barely escaped with their lives on the verge of WWII—and make amends with Oma’s estranged family. Sarah is cast on a quest to find her true self and the origins of the book by traveling to Riegersburg, where the Book of Shadows’ journey began.