There’s No Place Like Home

All good things must end.

REDEEMED: Book Three of The Terrian Trilogy by Jenny Benjamin

In the final book of the trilogy, Jesse and his team of Triumvirate teens are preparing for a final battle against the Shaari on Terria. As they wait, Jesse grapples with his feelings for Kate and Sofia, who is preparing to give birth to a human-alien hybrid twins. The team sets their sights on a Shaari stronghold in the Adirondack Mountains, where they engage in a fierce battle against hybrid beasts and enhanced Shaaris. When they return to the ship, they learn that Jesse’s, Hayden’s, and Kate’s families have been taken hostage on Terria.

Will Jesse be able to save Sofia and the babies during a difficult labor? Will the kids be able to rescue their families when their enemy forces them to choose who lives and dies? How will the Triumvirates defeat the Shaari and restore peace on Terria and protect Earth? Will their jealousies and insecurities destroy them in the process?

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Meet the Author

Jenny BenjaminJenny Benjamin is a former high school English teacher who served at-risk, inner-city students for thirteen years. She is also the author of the novels Heather Finch  (Running Wild Press), This Most Amazing (Armida Books), the poetry chapbook More Than a Box of Crayons (Finishing Line Press), and the poetry chapbook Midway (No Chair Press), which won second place in the 2017 No Chair Press contest.